LMP Chief Microbiology appointed Associate Editor, Journal of Clinical Pathology



Earlier this month, LMP’s Chief of Microbiology, Dr. Tony Mazzulli was appointed Associate Editor for the Journal of Clinical Pathology (JCP), a leading international journal covering all aspects of pathology.

Dr. Mazzulli adds this role to what is already a full resume including his primary position as Chief, Microbiology, University Health Network and Mount Sinai Hospital; Professor, University of Toronto; President, Canadian Association of HIV Clinical Laboratory Specialists (CAHCLS); and council member (Medical Microbiology), Association of Medical Microbiologists and Infectious Diseases (AMMI) Canada. Not to mention, all of this is in addition to his ongoing research focusing on infectious diseases and immunology, as well as molecular and cell biology.

“It is a great honor and privilege to be named associate editor of the Journal of Clinical Pathology,” says Dr. Mazzulli. “I truly appreciate the opportunity to contribute and hope to add something to what is already a strong editorial board.”

Dr. Mazzulli also is quick to to point out that there are number of other excellent microbiologist that could have been asked to assume the position, making the appointment all the more meaningful.

In this new role Dr. Mazzulli hopes to see the journal continue to attract leading articles in the field of medical microbiology, advancing the discipline and meeting the expectation of JCP’s readers. Adding, “It would be great to receive articles for publication that cover all aspects of medical microbiology from the laboratory practice to the clinical utility and applicability of the research being conducted in this area.”

The JCP, launched in 1947, is one of the oldest Pathology journals in the world. It is the official journal of the Association of Clinical pathologists, and has an impact factor of 2.687. Learn more about JCP HERE.


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