Chetty’s Cheetahs cycle with police on tail for entire 2017 Big Bike ride

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Energized by cowbells, cheering and a good cause, the LMP Big Bike team, Chetty’s Cheetahs livened a dreary May morning by cycling around Queens Park in style (and with an organized police escort).

Led by cytopathology lab technologist and team captain, Mathew Carter, Chetty’s Cheetahs took Toronto General Hospital’s first ride of the day on the Heart and Stroke Foundation‘s 30 seat Big Bike and raised over $3000 to support heart and stroke research and awareness.

It’s a tradition that brings together staff members from across the program and puts their pedaling to the test as they propel an over-sized bike from Toronto General’s University entrance all the way around Queen’s Park.

Though the ride isn’t timed or tracked in any way, this year’s cyclists, many who have participated in the annual event for over half a decade, hit what appeared to be record speeds, and in true cheetah fashion blew through the College/University intersection on their way back to TGH.

This was the second year the big bike held the Chetty’s Cheetahs name representative of LMP interim Medical Director, Dr. Runjan Chetty, and also the second year Mathew led and organized LMP’s involvement.


Check out all the photos from the day below!



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