LMP and CSMLS partner in new video series showcasing what goes on “In the Lab”

in the lab

In preparation for this year’s National Med Lab Week, taking place April 16-22, UHN’s Laboratory Medicine Program and the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science have come together to launch three videos detailing prominent laboratory tests.

The videos bring our audience into the labs at Toronto General Hospital and allow them to follow UHN Medical Laboratory Technologists through the testing process of Complete Blood Counts, Cross Matching and Protein Electrophoresis.

Check out the videos below, and pass the links on to friends, family and colleagues!


Complete Blood Count

Possibly the most common laboratory test ordered. A complete blood count takes an in-depth look at a patient’s blood and counts the number of white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets to monitor a patient’s health and check for abnormalities.


Cross Matching

A necessary step in blood transfusion to ensure donor blood is compatible with the receiving patient. Transfusion Medicine MLTs at UHN conduct this test daily to find the perfect match!


Protein Electrophoresis

Arguably the most complex test we cover in the three part series – protein electophoresis reveals a lot about a patient’s protein levels. Whether there’s too much, too little, or anything in between, UHN MLTs are able to tell physicians  a lot about their patients’ health from electrophoresis.



Special thanks to Jaimelyn Rara, Krista Maracle and Megan Spencer for their enthusiasm to show new audiences how things work ‘In the Lab’!

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