UHN/KCCC collaboration thrives at 3rd Annual Pathology Conference in Kuwait



As we, at UHN’s Laboratory Medicine Program (LMP) wrap up our recent conference, it seems fitting to acknowledge another successful conference which took place just a month earlier and halfway around the world – the Kuwait Cancer Control Centre’s (KCCC) annual Pathology Conference.

Our colleagues in Kuwait, many of which LMP staff have built close relationships with, have continued with their annual conference, an initial product of the UHN/KCCC partnership, and have once again featured LMP medical staff in the three day event.

This year marked the conference’s third anniversary and its third consecutive year collaborating with the University Health Network. LMP Neuropathologist, Dr. Kenneth Aldape was in Kuwait representing UHN at the event, and presented a slide session focusing on various types of brain tumours. Dr. Aldape was just one of the 10 international speakers featured throughout the three day conference, which included experts from Canada, the United States, England, and Germany.

The conference was once again an incredible success, and we at UHN congratulate the KCCC organizing committee for continuing with the annual conference, and thank them for inviting LMP medical staff as participants.


For more information on the KCCC 3rd Annual Pathology Conference visit: http://www.kcccpathology.com/index.htm


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