Going above and beyond: Laboratory Medicine Leadership Awards

leadership awards

Since 2008, the annual Laboratory Medicine Leadership Awards have awarded 20 staff members who are nominated by peers who want to recognize their value in the workplace.


Originally published internally on UHN’s Intranet newsroom.

Laboratory Medicine Program (LMP) staff enjoyed great food, music and company at its Staff Appreciation BBQ last week. And standing out from the typical barbecue fixings were the ninth annual Laboratory Medicine Leadership Awards, which were given to three deserving staff for their outstanding approach to patient care.

“Leadership can mean many different things in laboratory medicine,” explains Michele Henry, Senior Director, LMP.

“We have roles for ‘official’ leaders, but these awards recognize those who go above and beyond what is expected from them, and lead by example to bring out the best in others.”

Candidates are nominated by their colleagues and co-workers, and a committee must narrow the selection down to three staff members who display formidable qualities of leadership on a daily basis. There have been 20 winners of the annual awards since 2008. This year, the awards committee received over 25 nominations.


The winners of the ninth annual Laboratory Medicine Leadership Awards are:


Janice Hawes – Blood Transfusion Lab


Award winner Janice Hawes (L) was presented with her certificate by Michele Henry, Senior Director, LMP. (Photo: UHN)

Janice was nominated by six of her colleagues

“Anytime she sees that there are a number of her co-workers that have the same questions, she will start a little ‘talk’ to educate all of us… If I have a problem she is there welcoming me with a solution and then also teaches me how to solve it myself next time.” – Sally Poon

“She is a fantastic lab tech and employee. She is unique, outspoken and an extremely valuable asset to Transfusion Science and UHN.” – Megan MacQuarrie

“Janice approaches every problem and provides very practical solutions. Recently she has revised many SOP’s/ procedures in serology that will help improve the workflow of the lab. She is committed to excellence and seeks and enforces continuous improvement in each area of the lab.” – Neeru Sahni


Ivana Vidovic – Core Lab – Hematology


Ivana Vidovic (L) receiving her Laboratory Medicine Leadership Award at last week’s LMP staff barbecue. (Photo: UHN)

Ivana was nominated by Jaimelyn Rara and Maryam Ghorbanian, who both wrote the following nominations.

“Ever since I started at UHN as a student, Ivana had always stood out as someone who goes out of their way to help others. After working with her for four years, she has remained that dependable person you can always go to for help, guidance and support. She is easy to talk to, welcoming and very inclusive. She works so hard and pushes herself to the limit and beyond to get things done. She is one of the most selfless individuals I know and everything she does is ultimately driven by providing the highest quality of patient care. I aspire to be as great a technologist as her and can’t think of anyone else more deserving of this award. She’s a true leader in every sense of the word.” – Jaimelyn Rara

“One of the most important benches in hematology is the morphology bench. Ivana trained all new staff in morphology with patience and enthusiasm, and then suggested weekly Morphology Rounds with LMP hematopathologists so all staff could benefit from their knowledge and experience.” – Maryam Ghorbanian


Magda Waszul – Cytogenetics


Magda Waszul (L) was also nominated last year and received the Laboratory Medicine Leadership Award this year after being nominated a second time. (Photo: UHN)

Magda was nominated by Cherry Have, who described the leadership qualities that Magda brings to the cytogenetics lab.

“Magda actively participates in laboratory meetings and works together with the team to address initiatives to improve laboratory services. While working on her initiative to test less expensive consumables, she constructively designed a systematic study to solve and determine reasons for poor quality testing during winter months.”

“Magda continues to approach both her work and life with tremendous positive energy and passion – a trait admirable in leaders.” – Cherry Have


Congratulations to all other outstanding nominees: Sally Campos, Core Laboratory; Peter Faure, Pathology; Stephen Fitzgibbon, Transfusion Medicine; Vivienne Jones, Specimen Management; Paul Martens, Biochemistry; Jaimelyn Rara, Hematology; Jeanette Campbell, Specimen Management.




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