The LMP BBQ: Good food, great company

bbq and awards
This week Laboratory Medicine Program staff got together for the annual LMP Staff Appreciation BBQ, where staff were able to enjoy delightful weather, delicious food, and dance-worthy music (though it unfortunately wasn’t dance-worthy enough to spark a repeat of last year’s ‘twist,’). All in all, it provided everyone a nice mid-week break and a chance for staff from around the program to come together and enjoy a complimentary summer barbecue.

LMP managers, supervisors, and volunteers served up burgers, sausages and barbecued chicken to close to 350 laboratory staff – and as a group we all made a pretty big dent on the sides and desserts. It was another successful barbecue for LMP, and to take staff appreciation a step further the winners of this year’s Laboratory Medicine Leadership Awards were announced.


This year’s winners are:

Janice Hawes – Blood Transfusion Lab

Ivana Vidovic – Core Lab – Hematology

Magda Waszul – Cytogenetics


A big congratulations to all our other exceptional nominees: Sally Campos, Core Laboratory; Peter Faure, Pathology; Stephen Fitzgibbon, Transfusion Medicine; Vivienne Jones, Specimen Management; Paul Martens, Biochemistry; Jaimelyn Rara, Hematology; Jeanette Campbell, Specimen Management.

Stay tuned for a post next week on UHN News to hear what nominators had to say about this year’s winners!


ALSO – see below for photos from the BBQ!


^ Congratulations to award winner Janice Hawes (L), with her certificate being presented by Senior Director, LMP, Michele Henry. 



^ Ivana Vidovic (L) receiving her well-deserved Laboratory Medicine Leadership Award at this week’s LMP staff barbecue.


^ Congratulations to Magda Waszul (L), a nominee from last year, who was once again nominated and this time awarded a Laboratory Medicine Leadership Award.



Lastly, a BIG shout out to Linda Karkada for everything she does to organize the LMP Staff Appreciation BBQ and ensure its annual success!  


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