BUSY Lab: Running with Yvonne



This week the BUSY Lab connected with well-known LMP staff member, and administrative assistant Yvonne Bedford to learn a little bit about what she does to keep herself going and shape her personal health and wellness. The theme: Running.

Yvonne started running somewhat unconventionally, as she was asked to join a corporate track and field team. She told the physician who asked her, “I do not run,” and in response she was encouragingly told, “well, you’re going to.”

The corporate track and field competition was held at York University, and as many runners who’ve pushed themselves too hard too early might suspect, Yvonne received an injury during her first run. She did manage to push through all three of her events, and her team still ended up placing first overall for the competition, but nonetheless, Yvonne suggests new runners star out slowly and build up strength and endurance.

“All you need is proper shoes and an outfit,” says Yvonne. “Do 20 minutes and then go back home – your body will tell you how you feel and when you can push yourself. It’s difficult to explain, but you develop a mind/body thing that can eventually just calm you down.”

Since that first run, Yvonne has completed countless competitions and marathons achieving her best personal time at the Chicago marathon, finishing 42 kilometeres in just 3hours and 45 minutes. She says once you develop an interest it stops being a chore and just becomes part of your life.

DSC02998“You need to have a strong mind,” Yvonne continues, “not necessarily a goal but discipline and a feeling of wanting to achieve something.”

Running is now an opportunity for Yvonne to get away from any of the stress built up throughout a day. It’s time she reserves just for herself.


“I’ll think about a problem – and whatever the issues is, I come to realize it just doesn’t matter. Whatever comes your way you can tolerate it” she laughs.

What do you do when you need to feel “BUSY”?

                                      What’s that thing you do that makes you happy (“Bliss”),

                                                                                            or helps you relax (“Unwind”),

or makes you feel like you can take on anything that comes your way (“Strength”)?

                                                       Yvonne might go for a run.  What would YOU do?


The BUSY Lab

Check in next week as we hear from another LMP staff member about their BUSY activity.  We hope these stories may remind you about your BUSY thing, or even inspire you to try something new!




One thought on “BUSY Lab: Running with Yvonne

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  1. Yvonne started me back running – her knowledge and coaching allowed me to achieve my goal last year of running the Toronto Marathon! It started with short runs, 1/2 marathons and the need to run run run run run and run!!! She is remarkable and and my inspiration for running when I just want to put my feet up!!
    Thanks Yvonne for your sharing your courage and your & support.

    Never Never Quit!!


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