5 Questions with Hamad Medical Corporation’s Dr. Issam Al Bozom

This week we welcomed two Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) Pathologists to LMP: Dr. Issam Al Bozom and Dr. Hanan Farghaly, who are both here until April 15 working alongside LMP subspecialty pathologists Dr. Theo van der Kwast and Dr. Bill Chapman respectively. Read on to learn more about Dr. Hanan.



Dr. Issam is subspecializing in genitourinary pathology, and will also be focusing on interstitial lung disease and complex lung tumours. He went to school in the United States, completing his pathology residency at the University of Houston – MD Anderson, and his fellowship in surgical pathology and cytology at the University of Southwestern Dallas. Following his time in Dallas, Dr. Issam moved to Saudi Arabia to practice pathology and teach at King Saud University, and in 2002 he began at HMC as a senior consultant pathologist.


5 Questions with HMC’s Dr. Issam

What do you enjoy most about working in Pathology?

Enjoyed it since I was a medical student. It connects basic sciences with clinical practices, and develops an investigative nature in the work. My mentor was also a pathologist, which got me started on the path. 

How do you think the subspecialty model will benefit HMC?

It will provide a benefit to everyone involved – and we expect patients to receive improved care because of pathologist diagnoses. It’s part of a larger effort by HMC to subspecialize  all departments which should lead to a tighter team, and more positive patient outcomes.

Why did you choose genitourinary pathology as a subspecialty?

I think it was just my preference – I liked GU. My first publication was also GU related so that may have played a role.

What’s one difference you’ve noticed between lab medicine in Qatar vs. Canada?

It’s quiet and seems more focused here since the area is secluded from other departments and surrounded with pathologists. All of the staff I’ve worked with so far have been very friendly and helpful.

Any plans while you visit Toronto?

I’ll have to do Niagara Falls, and am planning to visit the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum). Also would like to see the Raptors while here, and go to the CN Tower. (Dr. Issam says he’s open to recommendations so feel free to make some suggestions.)

Click HERE to learn more about our other visiting pathologist from HMC, Dr. Hanan Farghaly.



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