5 Questions with Hamad Medical Corporation’s Dr. Hanan Farghaly

This week we welcomed two Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) Pathologists to LMP: Dr. Issam Al Bozom and Dr. Hanan Farghaly, who are both here until April 15 working alongside LMP subspecialty pathologists Dr. Theo van der Kwast and Dr. Bill Chapman respectively. Read on to learn more about Dr. Hanan.


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Dr. Hanan is subspecializing in gynecological pathology, and will also be spending time with cytology and thyroid pathologists throughout her visit. She has spent most of her time studying and practicing pathology in the United States, completing studies in cytology at the University of South Carolina, her pathology residency at the University of South Florida, and her surgical fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania. She practiced head and neck pathology at the University of Louisville Hospital for 7 years and was head of cytology for the department. In 2012 she joined HMC and began shifting her focus to gynecological pathology.


5 Questions with HMC’s Dr. Hanan

What do you enjoy most about working in Pathology?

Every day is a new day, with new cases and new problems to solve. There’s almost no repetition and I never get bored.

How do you think the subspecialty model will benefit HMC?

It will allow us to have more focused expertise and build a wealth of experience in a specific area. The change will ultimately benefit our patients, and also result in better education for HMC’s residents and fellows.

Why did you choose gynecological pathology as a subspecialty?

I started focusing on GYN when I began in Qatar, and it just grew into a specialty I loved. It has strong connections with histology and cytology, and both my mother and sister are OB/GYNs so I have a great appreciation for their work.

What’s one difference you’ve noticed between lab medicine in Qatar vs. Canada?

My first impression is that it’s very quiet and organized here – we will often have physicians come to our office to ask for results or talk about cases, so it’s quite different. I also am having fun with all of the residents and fellows. They bring a youthful energy and create great discussion. It’s very fruitful and fun.

Any plans while you visit Toronto?

I’m looking forward to visiting Niagara Falls, the aquarium, and touring the city. Hoping for a little bit of snow as well! (Dr. Hanan says she’s open to recommendations so feel free to make suggestions when you see her in the halls.)


Click HERE to learn more about our other visiting pathologist from HMC, Dr. Issam Al Bozom.



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