LMP Q&A BUG: Yasmin Halley



This week the LMP Q&A BUG made a visit to Toronto General hospital’s Transfusion Laboratory and ‘infected’ Yasmin Halley, Medical Laboratory Technologist (MLT). The nomination came from our previous Q&A BUG ‘victim,’ Jeanette Campbell. You can check out Jeanette’s photo Q&A, HERE.

Yasmin started at UHN in 2006 as a volunteer in the pathology department. She then went on to become an MLT for core lab-specimen management, and is now an MLT in transfusion medicine. She’s also a graduate of UHN’s newly integrated education institute, Michener, where she completed the Clinical Laboratory Quality Manager (CLQM) program and the Leadership in Health Care program.

In the transfusion lab, Yasmin deals with all things blood related. Her and other MLTs will receive blood, store blood products, confirm blood types, test for antibodies, and ultimately aid in the distribution of blood and blood derivatives across UHN. Nearly all of the testing done in the transfusion lab is for the purpose of determining the most compatible blood product for each individual UHN patient, and because of this blood transfusion is often considered one of the first examples of personalized medicine.

To learn more about Yasmin, check out her photo Q&A below. Make sure to read to the end to find out who’s next to be ‘infected’ by the LMP Q&A BUG. It could be you!


Whereabouts do you live and how do you commute to work?



What was your first job?



Where was your last road trip to?



What’s your favorite meal to make at home?



If you could bring one thing on a weekend camping trip, what would it be?


*Insect repellent was a very close second


What do you do for fun?



What’s your favourite animal? (Draw it!)



What’s your favourite TV show?


*Largely due to her husband


Favourite sports team or athlete?


*Unfortunately, this answer resulted in a “Bautista bat flip” with the camera, and a smartphone had to be used for the remaining questions. Sorry!




If you had to describe working for LMP in one word, what would it be?

IMG_1766 2


If your friends were to describe you in one word, what would it be?

IMG_1772 2


Because Yasmin completed the photo series Q&A she was given the opportunity to pass the bug onto someone else… It’s now with great pleasure we announce the next staff member to be ‘infected’ by the LMP Q&A BUG:

Ian Kerr, Laboratory Technologist, Rapid Response TWH


Have a common interest with Yasmin?   – Share it in the comments section!

  • How you could definitely go for a tostada right now.
  • How you’re impressed with Yasmin’s camping priorities.
  • That you’re really impressed with her elephant drawing.
  • How the Blue Jays better resign Jose Bautista this year!
  • In the words of Spock, “Live long and prosper.”

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