LMP Q&A BUG: “Favourite animal drawing” edition



To celebrate the fact we’ve cured Q&A Bug infection 20 times, we’re showcasing all of our exceptional ‘victims’ in this week’s “Favourite animal drawing” edition of The Bug!

We’ve visited every LMP site, nearly every department, and have had the opportunity to learn about a number of staff whom we may only communicate with through phone or email. It’s been a great opportunity to strengthen the relationships between various areas of LMP, but better than that – The Bug has really showcased the artistic talent of laboratory medicine staff.

That’s why this week’s edition will feature every “favourite animal drawing” we’ve had so far! And to make things a little more interesting we encourage you to vote on your favourite. You can either make your nomination in the comment section or by emailing LMP.Communications@uhn.ca.

The winner’s prize will either be pride or shame… Let the voting begin!


Dr. Runjan Chetty, Acting Medical Director

IMG_9162 copy - Copy


Gordon Chin, Lab Technologist, Histopathology

DSC01156 - Copy


Judy Torne, Lab Technologist, Immunohistochemistry

DSC01261 - Copy


Tom Clancy, Director of Laboratory Operations

07-test - Copy


Selene Fernando, Laboratory Technologist, Transfusion Medicine

DSC01472 - Copy


Jaimelyn Rara, Laboratory Technologist, Hematology

DSC01523 - Copy


Chris Cursio, Manager, Point-of-Care Testing

DSC01564 - Copy


Pow-Lee Cheng, Charge Technologist, Core Lab

DSC01635 - Copy


Janet Day, Administrative Assistant

DSC01662 - Copy


Jared Rosenberg, Senior Business Analyst, Finance

DSC01698 - Copy


Roger Boyle, Communications Specialist



Martin Grealish, Pathologist Assistant, Surgical Pathology

DSC01775 - Copy


Maria Amenta, Manager, Specimen Management

DSC01804 - Copy


David Feng, Senior Laboratory Technologist, Histocompatibility

DSC01845 - Copy


Nayana Sondi, Application Specialist, Laboratory Information Systems

DSC01961 - Copy


Dr. Ivan Blasutig, Clinical Biochemist and Medical Staff Researcher

DSC01994 - Copy


Dr. Stefano Serra, Gastrointestinal Pathologist

DSC02192 - Copy


Dr. Rohan John, Renal Pathologist



Melanie Peralta, Research Technician, PRP Laboratory

DSC02303 - Copy


Bev Nwachukwu, Charge Technologist, Genome Diagnostics

DSC02344 - Copy


Submit your nomination for “best” favourite animal drawing in the comment section below or by emailing LMP.Communications@uhn.ca.

Feel free to nominate more than one drawing, and remember – “best” is subjective.


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