LMP pathologists lead new group of residents to pathology certification

Dr. Butany
Dr. Jagdish Butany with a colourful background, which is his office. (Photo: Laboratory Medicine Program)


In just over a week’s time pathology residents from around the country will gather in Toronto to attend the Canadian Association of Pathologist’s (CAP-ACP) Residents Review Course, and prepare for their upcoming pathology certification exams.

“It’s highly recommended for PGY (postgraduate year) three and four residents,” says Dr. Carlo Hojilla, hematopathology fellow, Laboratory Medicine Program (LMP), and 2014 course attendee. “It demystified what seems like this big black box of an exam, and gave a sense of how the exam is structured and how to prepare.”

The three day practical review course also has particular significance for LMP cardiovascular pathologist, Dr. Jagdish Butany who is a director and co-founder of the course. It is his sixth consecutive year organizing the event, and since its development Dr. Butany and participating speakers have helped hundreds of residents successfully complete their pathology certification exam.

“For many residents the course fulfills a need,” says Dr. Butany. “It points out possible gaps in their knowledge and allows them to address those areas before a final examination.”

The weekend will bring together a diverse group of speakers from different hospitals across Canada to collaborate on topics, and present a practical review of curriculum material for the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada certification exam in Anatomical, Hematological, and General Pathology.

Speakers from LMP include:

  • Dr. Butany, who opens the three day course on Friday, January 15
  • Dr. Andrew Evans, genitourinary pathologist – presenting a “Practical Overview of Prostate, Kidney, Bladder and Testicular Tumour Pathology”
  • Dr. Oyedele Adeyi, hepatobiliary pathologist – presenting “Liver Pathology: Recognizing and Appropriately Classifying Key Morphologic Features”
  • Dr. Graeme Quest, hematopathologist – presenting “Bone Marrow evaluation and Flow Cytometry”
  • Dr. Rita Selby, clinical hematologist – presenting “Coagulopathy Investigations”; and
  • Dr. Christine Cserti-Gazdewich, transfusion medicine specialist – presenting “Investigations and Management of Transfusion Reactions”

At the end of the three day course, participants will have updated their core medical knowledge and developed strategies for optimal preparation in written, practical, and oral components of their pathology examination. Attendees will be able to discuss and assess the significance of recent findings relating to pathology, and will be able to demonstrate competence in laboratory management and quality assurance.

“We’ve set out to provide residents with a better idea of what’s entailed on the exam and to help them develop a greater sense of confidence walking into it,” says Dr. Butany.


For more information on the CAP-ACP sixth annual Residents Review Course, visit: http://www.cap-acp.org/2016RRC.php

To register, visit: http://www.planetreg.com/E8713559178527


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