A warm welcome to our international fellows

DSC01541 v3
L-R: Dr. Maryam Al-Murshed and Dr. Naser Alawadhi outside LMP’s pathology conference room


Over the last several months we have welcomed many international technologists and doctors to participate in the Personalized Learning Programs offered throughout our labs. Now we are very proud to welcome two doctors from Kuwait who will stay with us for a full year as they complete their Fellowships in UHN’s Laboratory Medicine Program (LMP).

Dr. Maryam Al-Murshed and Dr. Naser Alawadhi are the two recent additions to the LMP fellowship program, and they have a whole lot in common. They are both from Kuwait, they are both pursuing careers in pathology, and they are both parents to the same children! That is to say they have a family together, and have both come to Canada to complete their subspecialty in pathology.

Dr. Al- Murshed is a graduate from the Kuwait University, and most recently completed her residency in Saudi Arabia. She first began forming an interest in Pathology when she was studying to pass her United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE), and found herself quickly attracted to the different pace and investigative nature of the work. She spent a brief amount of time at the Kuwait Cancer Control Centre (KCCC) before going to complete her residency and it was because of our international partnership that Dr. Al-Murshed was introduced to the University Health Network. She is now here for training in neuropathology and has been working with LMP’s Dr. Rasmus Kiehl since her arrival.

Husband, Dr. Alawadhi is a graduate from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, and though his interest in pathology may have started because he noticed Dr. Al-Murshed giving a lecture on the subject, he has now traveled halfway around the world to complete his pathology Fellowship at LMP. Dr. Alawadhi’s original subspecialty interest stemmed in dermatopathology, but he noticed a need for cytopathologist in Kuwait and decided that route could potentially serve patients better.

So far Dr. Al- Murshed and Dr. Alawadhi have great things to say about the program and our staff citing it as, welcoming, organized, and well structured. They are both living in Toronto and are bound to be busy inside and outside UHN, as they’ve brought their two children aged four and six with them. This winter will be their first time seeing snow, and for two kids who love Disney’s Frozen it will undoubtedly be a memorable experience. Once we have our first snow, make sure to ask Dr. Al-Murshed and Dr. Alawadhi how it went!



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