LMP Q&A BUG: Selene Fernando



This week, Transfusion Medicine laboratory technologist, Selene Fernando was ‘infected’ by the LMP Q&A BUG. The nomination came from laboratory director, Tom Clancy, whose photo Q&A you can see: HERE

As a lab technologist in Transfusion Medicine, Selene is responsible for testing patient blood samples and determining compatibility for transfusions. All blood used in transfusions is attained from Canadian Blood Services and then is securely stored in the blood bank laboratory. Selene and the entire blood bank team then supply blood products throughout UHN hospitals and ensure the proper blood is received by the proper patient. Different types of blood products or derivatives have specific standards for staying effective and usable, for example fresh standard blood is good for around 42 days, where as platelets are only good for five days and must be lightly agitated (shaked) to stay usable. Selene and everyone else in the blood bank play a key role in all patient transfusions and are an essential piece to UHN hospitals.

Learn more on the personal side of lab technologist, Selene Fernando by checking out our photo Q&A below. Make sure to read to the end to find out who’s next to be ‘infected’ by the LMP Q&A BUG. It could be you!


Where in Toronto do you live and how do you commute to work?



What did you want to be when you grew up?



What’s your favourite food?



What do you do for fun?



Favourite TV show?



Favourite movie?



What’s your favourite animal? (Draw it!)



What’s on your ipod?



Who’s your favourite athlete?



Who’s your favourite superhero?



If you had to describe LMP in three words, what would they be?



If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?



Because Selene completed the photo Q&A series she was given the opportunity to pass the bug onto someone else… It’s now with great pleasure we announce the next staff member to be ‘infected’ by the LMP Q&A BUG:

Jaimelyn Rara, Laboratory Technologist, Hematology 


Have a common interest with Selene?   – Share it in the comments section!

  • You know a great spicy Indian restaurant close to work
  • Weekend travel destinations that are a must visit
  • That Aragorn and Legolas were definitely the best characters in Lord of the Rings
  • How you question whether Kung Fu Panda is a superhero, but love the movie!
  • How Lionel Messi is great, but what about those Maple Leafs?


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