Summarizing the experience: Kuwait observers, Hameeda, Shahad, Duha, and Ghaneemah


Recently we wrapped up this summer’s Personalized Learning Programs for four lab technologists from the Kuwait Cancer Control Centre (KCCC).  Each of the technologists specialized in different areas of LMP operations, and found opportunities to enhance the work they do at KCCC. Read more to learn about this series of observers, and what they accomplished while at UHN.


Hameeda Taqi

Hameeda KCCC

Hameeda is the chief technologist at KCCC and had a specialized learning program focusing on management and quality control processes across LMP labs. She worked with our leadership team, including Laurie Mason, Manager of Pathology, and Tom Clancy, Director of Laboratory Operations to review how LMP plans are built, implemented, and maintained. Hameeda also sat in management committee meetings and identified key areas of the organizational structure to be emulated in KCCC.  She gained new perspectives on enhancing workflow management and wants to empower employees to find gaps in the system, and then work together to fill them. Joining her in Toronto was her husband and four kids, which she spent her ‘tourist’ time with, visiting Ripley’s Aquarium and Niagara Falls.


Shahad Alroomi


Shahad was here for a cancer cytogenetics learning program and also incorporated areas of histopathology and immunohistochemistry into her personalized schedule. Her key focus while here was enhancing her knowledge of FISH (Fluorescence in situ Hybridization), capturing and scoring test results, and developing a greater understanding of slide preparation. In Shahad’s closing presentation to UHN staff, she identified opportunities where KCCC could incorporate some of our practices, such as predicting timing for tissue digestion in FISH, and revising methods for cutting FISH slides. While here, Shahad also had the courage to sign up for the CN Tower Edge Walk where she walked 1,168ft above the ground on North America’s largest free standing structure. In leaving, she had nothing but good things to say about our cytogenetics staff, and wanted to thank all of UHN/LMP for her time here.


Duha Hussain Mohammad Muqaddas1DSC01123

Duha was here for the biochemistry and specimen management learning program, and focused on learning from the work flow structure in Toronto General Hospital and Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. Her goal while here was to find ways to enhance efficiency in KCCC labs and improve patient experience, by providing more tests, quicker turnaround times and a deeper understanding of patient challenges. Duha had the opportunity to visit quite a few attractions while here, including Niagara Falls, African Lion Safari, Wonderland, and the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) where funnel cake and beaver tails (a Canadian pastry) left a lasting impression. Duha wanted to thank everyone in specimen management for a great experience, and her family for supporting her on her trip.


Ghaneemah Almaqroun


Ghaneemah spent four weeks in our labs and offices as she took part in the flow cytometry learning program. She completed various learning objectives tailored specifically to her work at KCCC and was able to build an agenda to best suit her role. There was a strong focus on specimen management, quality control and assurance processes, and all things relating to our flow cytometer. Hands on experience with testing included cases of lymphoma, leukemia, CD34, PNH, and the analyses of test results. Ghaneemah identified key areas to focus on at KCCC to add elements of our operations and enhance flow cytometry testing. Special thanks were given to all who worked with Ghaneemah during her time at LMP.

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