LMP Q&A BUG: Tom Clancy



This week, director of laboratory operations, Tom Clancy was ‘infected’ by the LMP Q&A BUG. The nomination came from colleague Judy Torne, whose photo Q&A you can see: HERE

As director of laboratory operations, Tom oversees the work done across all of our labs. He produces budgets, manages laboratory logistics, and keeps all areas of LMP connected as a unit. He’s busy in labs, offices, and conference rooms on any given day, so take this opportunity to get to know a bit more about Tom’s personal side!

Check out our photo Q&A below. Make sure to read to the end to find out who’s next to be ‘infected’ by the LMP Q&A BUG. It could be you!


Where in Toronto do you live and how do you commute to work?

01- test


What do you do for fun?



What’s your favorite meal?



Favourite movie?

06- test


What’s your favourite animal? (Draw it!)



What’s on your ipod?



What’s your favourite sports team?



Who’s your favourite superhero?



If you cast an actor to play you in a movie, who would you pick?

11- test


If you had to describe LMP in three words, what would they be?



If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?


Because Tom completed the photo Q&A series he was given the opportunity to pass the bug onto someone else… It’s now with great pleasure we announce the next staff member to be ‘infected’ by the LMP Q&A BUG:

Selene Fernando, Medical Lab Technologist, Transfusion Medicine


We want to hear from you!

Have a common interest with Tom?   – Share it in the comments section!

  • That you’re part of a competitive curling team and are looking for a challenger
  • How you’ve never noticed the striking resemblance between Tom and Brad Pitt until now!
  • Your favourite blues artist or band
  • How the Toronto Maple Leafs are just “rebuilding” and they’re going to be cup contenders in five years
  • Or maybe just comment on how that dog looks a lot like a disgruntled Rudolph the red nosed reindeer…

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