A Great Thursday: The LMP BBQ & Leadership Awards

bbq and awards

Yesterday was the annual Laboratory Medicine Program (LMP) Staff Appreciation BBQ, held outside the R. Fraser Elliot building. The weather was beautiful, the food was great, and the music even had a couple of people dancing.

LMP managers, supervisors, and volunteers served close to 350 staff members throughout the afternoon, and everyone seemed pretty happy enjoying a burger fresh off the grill. Overall it was another successful BBQ for LMP, and to make matters even better, the winners were announced for the Laboratory Medicine Leadership Awards.


This year’s winners are:

Selene Fernando, Medical Lab Technologist, Transfusion Medicine


Selene was nominated by 14 of her colleagues!

“I always find Selene a very committed leader, excellent team player, a knowledgeable technologist, and a very sweet person with whom I always enjoy working with.”

–    Aneel Noor




Denise Dilworth, Lab Technician, Specimen Management – Core Labs


Denise was nominated with a touching letter from Diana Jalbert, also a technician in Specimen Management.

“Assertiveness, adaptability, intelligence and conscientiousness are just a few words I could use to describe [Denise]. She is positive and inspiring and has the ability to empower and develop new and upcoming technicians.”

–    Diana Jalbert


Patsy Raymond, Blood Lab Technician, Specimen Management                                                                                 (Accepted by Jay Hockley)


Patsy was nominated by 17 of her colleagues!

“Patsy has been a dedicated employee for more than 30 years! [She] is always willing to help out new staff and include them in activities going on in the hospital or department… She took the time to make sure we were trained properly and she is always available for me to ask any questions.

–    Kylie Burt


See below for more photos of the LMP Staff Appreciation BBQ, including a photobomb and a little bit of dancing!

DSC01176 DSC01183 DSC01187 DSC01189 DSC01192 DSC01197 DSC01199 DSC01201 DSC01203 DSC01205 DSC01215 DSC01216 DSC01234

BONUS .gif

 The BBQ Dance

Thanks to all who attended and made the BBQ a great success!

And a special thank you to Linda Karkada and the BBQ planning committee, as well as everyone else who volunteered their time!


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