LMP 2015 Staff Forum – Highest attendance yet!

staff forum photo1

This week the Laboratory Medicine Program (LMP) held its 2015 Staff Forum at Toronto General Hospital to review the past year’s performance, and discuss the future of laboratory science with staff.

“It’s important to create these opportunities for discussion,” says Dr. Runjan Chetty, Interim Medical Director, LMP. “Staff are what make this program the success it is. They need to understand where we are, and more than that have an influence on where we’re going and how we get there.”

The Staff Forum, led by Brad Davis, Executive Director, LMP attracted approximately 90 staff across various departments and sites, and had Dr. Charlie Chan, Vice President, UHN answering questions at the open ‘Q&A.’

Key topics focused on: leadership structure, partnership updates, LMP achievements, and future developments.

New Leadership Structure

The leadership structure at LMP has been modified recently to create more active communication between medical and administrative staff. The Executive Advisory Committee is now merged with Medical Leadership to form one leadership team. It will create more opportunities for involvement and participation, and allows all areas of LMP to be more connected in planning and decision making.

Partnership Updates

The first of LMP’s strategic priorities (est. 2013) is: Strengthening presence regionally, provincially, and globally. LMP’s existing partnerships already make a significant impact on international laboratory science. With a great base group of partnerships in Canada, there are now revamped initiatives to strengthen ties in Kuwait and Qatar. This summer there will be medical staff from both countries visiting the labs at UHN and learning from our practices.

LMP Achievements

  • First Lab in Canada to offer amyloid testing
  • Renovated and remodeled staffing structure at the Princess Margaret Blood Lab to increase patient capacity and flow
  • Created program where transfusion patients have blood taken close to home and sent to UHN for transfusion prep, reducing patient time in-hospital
  • Providing ROTEM point-of-care coagulation testing, minimizing turnaround test times and unnecessary transfusions
  • Whole genome profiling 3000+ patients for personalized treatments
  • Received grant funding for national genome project providing LMP expertise to patients across the country
  • Established best practice for Ebola point-of-care testing, and worked as a designated facility
  • Successfully reached terms on collective bargaining agreement with Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU)

Future Developments

The Future for LMP seems to have a lot in store.  There is a new partnership in the works between UHN and the Michener Institute which can help advance LMP’s academic mission, and provide students exemplary instruction. Also, there is a potential opportunity to develop space for LMP in the MaRs Tower Two. Stay tuned…

staff forum photo2

To view the slide deck presented at the LMP 2015 Staff Forum, please see under “Staff Resources” on the LMP corporate Intranet site: HERE

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