The Leadership Awards are back!

leadership awards

The Laboratory Medicine Leadership Awards committee is now accepting nominations! Each year, the Laboratory Medicine Program (LMP) formally recognizes staff members who demonstrate outstanding leadership in their day-to-day schedules.

“Leadership can mean many different things in laboratory medicine,” explains Michele Henry, Senior Director, LMP. “We have roles for ‘official’ leaders, but these awards recognize those who go above and beyond what is expected from them, and lead by example to bring out the best in others.”

Staff are nominated by their colleagues and coworkers, through the submission of a nomination form. Three candidates are then chosen by the Awards Committee and will be presented a certificate and an award of $350 each.

“The recognition is so important,” says Michele. “Because leadership is a highly valued trait at LMP, it’s important to recognize and promote the excellence at work here every day. There are many deserving staff in the program, and being able to shine some light on the leadership they demonstrate is great practice.”

Last year our three winners were Wes Morrison, Jennifer Hardaker and Anselmo Fabros, and this year it could be you!

All nomination forms must be submitted by July 17th to Linda Karkada. For more information on the Laboratory Medicine Leadership Awards and nomination forms, please visit the corporate intranet page and see under Staff Resources: HERE.

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