Another Successful CAP Assessment for LMP

logoCAPThis week LMP was assessed by a team from the College of American Pathologists (CAP). LMP achieved an incredible 99 per cent compliance rate with only 46 citations from over 6,000 requirements. (Not counting Blood Transfusion – they undergo their assessment from the American Association of Blood Banks [AABB] at a later date!)

The accreditation process entails a detailed assiduous inspection of all facets of the enterprise: direct observation of staff performance, documentation review and staff interviews. The CAP assessments are voluntary and the fact that LMP chooses to challenge itself with this intensive assessment shows our commitment to deliver world class care to all our patients.

During the summation, the representatives from the CAP team told us some great things about our laboratory:

  • “Everyone was so open and hospitable!”
  • “What we learned here we will definitely take back with us!”
  • “Staff were open, willing to share and willing to show us their work!”
  • “Lots of great things going on here – your laboratory service is outstanding!”
  • “The competency in flow cytometry is absolutely amazing!”
  • “I was very impressed, this is a really great group!”
  • “A pleasure inspecting the HLA laboratory – everyone, from the Directors to the technologists, were so willing to answer questions and interact with us!”
  • “I want to return to my own lab and implement some of what I saw here!”
  • “You have very high standards and do a great job in meeting them!”

After the summation, Dr. Chetty thanked the assessors “for their time and diligence” and that we will “take your comments to heart.”

Dr. Chetty also expressed his thanks to all the lab staff across LMP, and to recognize Dr. Sylvia Asa, whose medical leadership and vision enabled our team to be on such a strong footing and achieve such a stellar result. Well done to everyone across LMP!

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