Happy National Med Lab Week – A Q&A with Gabrielle Wolff, MLT

2015-04-21 09.20.26National Med Lab Week is  April 22 – April 25, LMP always takes part in National Medical Laboratory Week – the annual celebration of our medical laboratory professionals who play a critical role in every aspect of health care.

From Tuesday through Friday this week we’ll be profiling a few of the different types of laboratory professionals that make up the Laboratory Medicine Program team. We’ve already met JenniferPow Lee, Shabnam Salehi-Rad and Deepa Binu – today we get to hear from Gabrielle Wolff in histology.

Read about Gabi’s role in the laboratory and the value she brings to patient care at UHN:

What is your position? I am a Senior MLT

What do you do here? I work in the Histology lab.

Why did you get into lab medicine? One of my aunts was an MLT and she used to take me to the lab every once in a while to see what she did. I always thought the lab was an exciting, interesting place where important work was done.

How did you get started at UHN? I was a student here.

What is your favourite part of the job? When pathologists come back to us and tell us that our efforts helped a certain patient.

What is the most challenging part of the job? Keeping up with the constant change.

What value would you say you add to patient care? I would say we help ease patient anxiety by delivering results in a timely manner. Patients are usually waiting to hear whether they have cancer or not and the wait can be extremely difficult for them.

National Med Lab Week is all about promoting the work of laboratory professionals – what do you wish people knew about the work that goes on inside the lab? I’d like patients to know that despite the limitations of resources we have to work with, we work very hard to get the results out as quickly as possible. We sometimes stay late, work through lunch and get up in the middle of the night to come in and get the work done on their samples so that they can either get their results or get on with their treatment.


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