Dr. Rasmus Kiehl and the Gerry & Nancy Pencer Brain Trust Art Show

art showOn Friday, October 24th, the Gerry & Nancy Pencer Brain Trust on the 18th floor of the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, held an Art Show to showcase some of the art of the patients, volunteers and clinicians of the clinic.

LMP’s Dr. Rasmus Kiehl, one of our neuropathologists, showcased several pieces of his art in the show. Many of his pieces hang in the halls of Toronto General Hospital., on the 11th floor, outside the Anatomic Pathology lab. Dr. KIehl uses microscopic images to create “compositional microscopy art.” He uses digital microscopy images to re-create an existing famous work of art, with many of the topics in his artwork centred around brain tumours.

art show2Also, included in the art show was a piece by  Dr. Catherine Maurice, who is a neurologist currently doing a neuro-oncology fellowship at PMH and will soon be on staff at the Pencer Cancer Centre. Here she is in front of her oil painting “A Field Of Cortex” that she painted for the Pathology Department and that will be on permanent display here, in LMP, in the near future.

Text from the booklet for that painting:
“The cerebral cortex is organized in 6 distinctive layers, each of them having a specific function. The painting represents a garden composed of different types of flowers representing each cell population. It is a concrete painting with special attention to Neurology.”


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