LMP and OSMT: An Interview with Karim Bhaloo

KarimLast week, Karim Bhaloo, MLT in our cytogenetics laboratory, was named Vice-President of the Ontario Society of Medical Technologists (OSMT) and Chair of the MLA/T Examination Committee during the recent OSMT conference in Kingston, ON. The editorial team of The Pathology Report recently had a chance to sit down with Karim and talk to him about the OSMT, his new role and why he encourages other laboratory professionals to get involved.

Congratulations on being names Vice-President of OSMT. What are some things you are looking forward to in this new role?

Thank you. The biggest thing I’m looking forward to as Vice-President of OSMT is interacting with various stakeholders, internal and external to OSMT, in order to advance the interests of our profession and members. I am also looking forward to enhancing my leadership and communication skills as a leader in the industry.

Why is being involved with OSMT important to you?

Being involved with the OSMT is important, and should be important to all MLTs and MLA/Ts, because they are the advocate for the profession before the College, they provide leadership opportunities, are part of many stakeholder groups, and provide value added benefits such as educational courses, conferences, and professional liability insurance required by our regulatory body to name a few.

How did you first get involved with OSMT?

In the late 1980’s I wrote my OSMT certification exam as part of my MLA/T education process and worked as an MLA/T at a private laboratory. After further education, I became an MLT and contributed an article on the RHPA for the ADVOCATE magazine.

A little over four years ago, I decided to put my name forward to be the District Director (5) representing Toronto and over that time period, I have been the Chair of the conference committee that was held in Niagara Falls and chaired the Editorial Committee. Even now, as Vice-President, I will continue to be a member of the Editorial Committee and contribute an article whenever time permits.

What are some ways that OSMT helps other MLA/Ts?

The OSMT helps MLA/Ts by administering the certification exam required by many employers, provide leadership opportunities by participating in various committees, keeping its members current and informed about the profession, and providing value added benefits.

What can others do who want to get involved?

Those interested in getting involved can either contact myself or the OSMT office and express their wish to volunteer. Members can serve on various committees such as the conference committee that will be organized soon for next year’s conference.


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