Movember visits Dr. Bharati Bapat

Dr. Bapat (centre) and members of Movember Canada
Dr. Bapat (centre) and members of Movember Canada

Recently, members of Movember Canada visited Dr. Bharati Bapat  in her research laboratory at Mount Sinai to see some of the work  being funded through a grant provided through their own organization and Prostate Cancer Canada.

The group received the “million dollar tour” and was able to meet the members of Dr. Bapat’s lab and see the variety of work that they do, including the work supported by the recently granted Movember Translational Acceleration Grant (TAG), “Validation of an integrated biomarker panel for detection of aggressive prostate cancer,” along with LMP’s Dr. Theo van der Kwast and other researchers. 

Dr. Bapat’s research has also been funded by Movember through their Movember Discovery Grant program, for her work on “Deciphering DNA Methylome in Metastatic Prostate Cancer” that includes UHN’s Drs  Neil Fleshner, Anthony Joshua and other researchers.

The next time you decide to join in Movember and grow a mustache in support of Prostate Cancer research and awareness, take pride in knowing that your efforts are being invested right here in our research labs at UHN.


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