Emerging Leaders in Laboratory Medicine


Another member of the LMP team, Sousan Bagherpoor, MLT,  completed the UHN Emerging Leaders program at the same time as with Yasmin Halley.  We had an opportunity to talk to Sousan and get her thoughts on the program and why she encourages any employee interested  in developing career goals and enhancing their current on-the-job performance to consider the program.

Read our interview with Sousan Bagherpoor, and her experience in the Emerging Leaders program –

Why did you decide to apply for the program?

I decided to apply for the Emerging Leaders program to enhance my leadership skills. In my current role I have the opportunity to interact with different health professionals and I believe this program will give me right tools to communicate and work with others more effectively.

 What were you hoping to get out of it?

I was hoping to get more in-depth knowledge about different style of leadership, team building, communication and networking.  I was introduced to leadership skills and techniques during the “Quality Management certificate” program which I completed last year. I became very interested to know more about the leadership skills required in a more interactive environment as my Quality Management course was an on-line course. I was really looking forward to being more hands-on around the topic and working and speaking with others on the issue.

 What are some of things you learned?

I learned about different personality types, project management, different leadership styles and thinking like a leader. The most important part was the self-awareness aspect which I really enjoyed. Now I found my strong and weak points which allows me to apply my strengths in my work style and find ways to improve my weak points. The training throughout this program gave me a new perspective on delivering patient care which is always my main objective.

What would you say to others who are considering it?

I believe this is a rare opportunity which allows you to grow professionally while still working. This program teaches you to discover your abilities and apply your strengths on every aspect of your life. It gives you the chance to meet other people in different discipline and you will learn that you are a small part of big UHN community and this allows you to appreciate your role in patient care. For me,  there is joy in learning and this is the main reason that I recommend this program to all learners. At the end, I would like to thank Emma Pavlov, Susan Ng, Cheryl Watterson  and Mandy Madill for organizing and facilitating this amazing program.



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