Are you an Emerging Leader?


The University Health Network offers the UHN Emerging Leaders program for interested employees with an opportunity to help them achieve their career and development goals. The program is designed to examine new and different ways that they may enhance their current on-the-job performance and help get them ready for any future leadership (formal or informal) opportunities or roles that may come their way.

Recently, a few members of the Laboratory Medicine Program team completed the UHN Emerging Leaders program and were eager to share their story and encourage others to apply who may be interested and may benefit from such a program. Read an interview with Yasmin Halley, MLT, Blood Transfusion, about her recent experience in the program –

Why did you decide to apply for the program?

I decided to apply for the Emerging Leaders program in order to build and strengthen my leadership knowledge, teamwork and communication skills. In the past I completed CLQM (Clinical Lab Quality Manager program) and Leadership In Healthcare Organization course through the Michener Institute, so I took the Emerging leaders program at UHN as a great opportunity to explore my potential as a leader.

What were you hoping to get out of it?

I was hoping that this program would help me to get out of my comfort zone and lead me  to new possibilities and help me become more confident. I really feel like the program helped me achieves those goals because we worked on projects that allowed me to grow my confidence through self-reflection and begin to use all my essential skills to become a successful and an effective leader. I am definitely hoping to grow my career and use the various skill sets that I have gained through this program.

What are some of things you learned?

First of all I want to take this opportunity to thank the emerging leaders program organizer,  Emma Pavlov, and all the facilitators, including Susan, Cheryl and Mandy, plus all the different speakers and educators to mentor me in different aspects and bring me to the new level. Thanks to all the other emerging leaders in the program who worked alongside me and helped me grow.

Taking part in a emerging leaders program itself was an extraordinary experience and amazing journey of my life. It’s really a self discovery program. This program helped me to open up more and realize that true leaders are within and not in the position you have. A job title won’t make you successful and an effective leader –  but having powerful skill  and the right mindset will make a difference. I have learned things like how to develop credibility within teams, maintain integrity, be collaborative, have compassion and care for people, how to focus and pull out all resources around me, and to continue to learn, grow and lead as best as I can.

One area of the program that I really liked was the DISC assessment. It made a great impact on me and made me aware of my classic profile pattern ( I’m a High D and High C for those who have taken the assessment!). It has also helped me to understand how to work better and more effectively with other people who have different profiles.

Other sessions and workshops like include the time we spent around networking and career management and the importance of finding common ground and building network. I also appreciated learning about the different types of leadership styles, advantages and disadvantages of each types and when it is appropriate to use each leadership style according to situation.

We also did some classes on conceptual thinking which gave me a better understanding of all the different types of thinking and how you can get the best results out of your team.

What would you say to others who are considering it?

I have nothing bu positive things to say about the Emerging Leaders program. Everyone who I’ve spoken to that has taken it also gives great, positive feedback. I will highly recommend it to others and encourage them to take this “golden opportunity.” I believe there is lot to gain and nothing to lose.

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