A Visit from Norway

This past week, a team from Oslo, Norway came to visit our laboratory and see how we have built an integrated, collaborative lab that serves our patients, as well as connects with multiple partner sites across the province.

Oslo University Hospital

The team, lead by Dr. Inger Nina, from Oslo University Hospital, included three pathologists, with two coming from different centres and four technical staff from anatomic pathology from sites within the Oslo region.

“It was a great pleasure being able to host the group,” said Dr. Sylvia Asa. “They asked a lot of great questions about how to build such a connected, integrated laboratory – we were more than happy to show off our team, do a little bragging about our achievements and demonstrate how a large complex laboratory can work together for better patient care.”

Drs Asa and Nina
Drs Asa and Nina

The visit included an introduction to the multi-site subspeciality model of UHN LMP, pathology case based rounds and a Q&A with Dr. Bayardo Perez-Ordonez, a session on “Digital Pathology 101″ with Dr. Andrew Evans and Michele Henry, a talk with Hung Chow on CoPath LIS and integrated reporting and a session with Alan Wolff, Pathology Supervisor, at Lakeridge Health to see our digitial pathology system in action and learn how Lakeridge Health is growing the system to include their own remote hospital sites.

“They had so much to teach us in return, including how to improve the way we collaborate between medical and technical staff, work with external partners and approach difficult decision making,” added Dr. Asa. “Their insight will have some positive and demonstrable effects in our lab.”

To commemorate the visit, the team from Norway presented LMP with a framed lithograph of a Norwegian landscape, and Dr. Asa gave to the group a print of LMP’s Dr. Rasmus Kiehl’s print “The Mighty Scream” that uses histologic pictures taken from a glioblastoma case with a ‘screamingly’ high mitotic count. Dr. Kiehl’s print is inspired by Norwegian  expressionist artist Edvard Munch’s “The Scream.”



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