Thanks to our Administrative Professionals

DSC03738We have taken some time this week, in the Laboratory Medicine Program, to say thanks to our wonderful team of administrative professionals.

April 23 is celebrated in many places around the world as “Administrative Professionals Day” – to recognize the work of secretaries, executive and administrative assistants, receptionists, and other administrative  professionals.

DSC03741We have a variety of different laboratory team members who fit this bill – some support our pathologists, biochemists and blood transfusion specialists. Others help out with our specimen collection team. Other administrative professionals works with our admin team to keep the business humming along.

DSC03739No matter what the day-to-day job of our administrative professionals, each of them play an important role in our laboratory and making sure we deliver exceptional patient care every day.

As Tom Clancy, our Laboratory Director, said “Administrative Professionals Day is a great opportunity to take some time and say thanks, but we are thankful every day, all year round, for the important work that they do.”

Thanks team!

(Oh, and for a bit of fun on Administrative Professionals Day, check out this slideshow of some of our Favorite Movie and TV Assistants!”)



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