Dr. Sylvia Asa Inducted as Honorary Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists.

IMG_7129Recently, Dr. Sylvia Asa, Medical Director, Laboratory Medicine was inducted as an honorary fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists.

The Royal College of Pathologists (RCP) is an organization whose mission is to promote excellence in the study, research and practice of pathology. They are also responsible for maintaining the highest standards through training, assessments, examinations and professional development, to the benefit of the public and the healthcare industry.

Most people become members of a College by examination, but on occasion, a fellowship is an honor that is bestowed on a prominent person to recognize their contribution to the field.

Congratulations to Dr. Asa for the tremendous honour as she joins a list of other champions in the world of pathology, including Lord Soulsby of Swaffham Prior (2004), The Baroness Trumpington of Sandwich (1991), Lord Crisp KCB (2009) and Dame Carol Black CBE (2004).


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