An expert in biochemistry …… and making music?

Imagine being a world famous biochemist: every hospital, conference and laboratory wants to invite you to come and give talks and presentations.

You get to present groundbreaking papers around the world, your research is published in some of the best medical journals and students and fellow researchers are knocking down your door, eager to have the privilege to work beside you and learn from you and your research.

As this world famous biochemist, you think you’d be content to just sit back in your office, nose in a biochemistry book, and just let the fame and celebrity come rolling in.

But, that’s not the case with Dr. Eleftherios Diamandis, Chief of Biochemistry at the University Health Network (and Mount Sinai ). Yes, he is an internationally renowned leader in the world of biochemistry. But, he is also so much more.

He is also a musician.

Thankfully for us (and you!) he is more than happy to share his musical talents, and over the past few years he has made quite a few videos that show of his skill and artistry as a musician.

Take a look and a listen!

He’s also posted a few videos, set to music, that shows off some of his colleagues and laboratory staff:

But our personal favourite, done with more style and flair that most of us couldn’t even image –  take a look and enjoy:

Dr. Diamandis: a groundbreaker and giant and the world of biochemistry. But, not a bad musician either!


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