A Gold Standard Lab

If you needed care from a hospital, you would want to know that you were getting the best possible care available. And you would take comfort in knowing that everyone is working to make you better, everyone including the doctors, nurses, phlebotomists, and lab technologists –  all doing their best to get you the information needed to manage your health.



In addition to the fact that our work is always of high quality, it is also highly reliable. We need to deliver the same “gold standard” of care to every patient, the same way that they would want that care delivered to themselves.

We think this gold standard is what makes our fellow clinicians and health care providers rely so strongly on our lab.  We don’t just do the minimum, because that’s not what our patients deserve. We hold our heads up high as leaders in laboratory medicine around the world because of this promise and how it defines who we are.

When we talk strategy, we use terms like “early adopter”, “adding value” and “enhancing diagnostics”. These strategic concepts are how we position ourselves to get the tools we need to deliver gold-standard care. The healthcare industry is always changing – that’s why we need to be comfortable changing too. We make the technological changes when there are new pieces of equipment or new tests to deliver better care.

We are also changing how we invest in areas like molecular diagnostics, point-of-care and biobanking. These are areas of growth within the lab that are changing the future of laboratory medicine today and we need to be a centre of excellence in these areas.

We are also changing how we work with other healthcare institutions across the province and abroad. When we work with the hospitals in the Northeast Cluster in and around Timmins, with the Sault Area Hospital, Lakeridge Health and many others, we are always looking at how to improve the services that the laboratory provides so that every patient is always receiving the same gold standard of care. It is about equitable access to expertise in laboratory medicine – regardless where you get your care.

Every day, our common goal should be to deliver nothing but the best.  Our reputation depends on it; more importantly so do our patients. We owe it to them to deliver the gold every time.

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