Understanding the Value of Size and Scope

When we describe our laboratory, we often use the phrase “biggest diagnostic lab in Canada.” But, how many of us know what that really means? We also say how across our entire laboratory partnerships, that there are over 500 staff and more than 70 medical scientific staff working together within LMP. But, we appreciate how when you only see the people on your floor, or at your bench, then those numbers may lose a bit of meaning.

Our size, scope and complexity can be difficult to grasp sometimes; one of those “can’t see the forest for the trees” situations that can happen in a large organization. Yes, you may work in histology or your work space is based out of a specific site, but we are all part of LMP and every one of us adds tremendous value to the patients inside the walls of our hospital, and the patients of our partner sites.

We are very large in size when it comes to our partnerships and our reach. We provide a Medical Directorship to 16 other hospital laboratories in Ontario and we provide laboratory medicine services to over 150 hospitals across Canada. Plus, we’re involved in the Kuwait project at KCCC. This means we extend beyond our walls and reaches innumerable patients and clinicians who can access high quality laboratory expertise that guides their care.

This scope also provides us with an opportunity for innovation and collaboration in providing and adopting new technology and science from around the world. Telepathology, Molecular Diagnostics and Biobanking are just three examples of where we are investing our time and resources because we know this is where laboratory medicine is heading today and tomorrow. We need to be leading, not following.

Our close, working relationship with other clinical programs makes us stronger and better. POCT is a great example that excels in this area as they work closely with all our clinical partners. The reintroduction of biochemistry at the Princess Margaret is another, as our team worked alongside the clinics to work out all the details. Also, because our pathology department is subspecialized based on site group – neuro, kidney, head and neck, etc – we can provide a level of detailed, comprehensive reports that allow clinicians a level of in-depth synoptic reporting unseen in other health centres.

Every day, everyone in LMP plays an important role in the delivery of complex, high quality patient care to our patients. Whether you work in the Core Lab, Blood Transfusion, HLA or any other of the hardworking areas of LMP, it should be a comfort to know that you are a key part of delivering world class care to our patients.

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