The Impact of Pathology

Recently, Dr. Sylvia Asa, Medical Director, LMP, gave a talk about the impact of pathology and personalized medicine.

The talk was part of The Princess Margaret “Believe It” billion dollar challenge, a 5-year initiative to secure $1 Billion to revolutionize cancer care by creating a new gold standard.

Personalized Cancer Medicine and Pathology.

In her presentation, Dr. Asa outlines the traditional role of pathology and how our medical team attempts to say what is wrong with the patient (the diagnosis), how is this disease likely to behave (the prognosis) and how should we treat it and what is it most likely to respond to (prediction).

When pathologists talk about personalized medicine, we are talking about what is your diagnosis, prognosis and how are you best able to be treated in order to have the best outcome.

But with the new research, increased amounts of information available on each patient from genetic information – what will pathologists do with it? And how will it affect the diagnosis, prognosis and outcome?

Take a look – –

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